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Nicky Woo is a Black + Polynesian photographer, who divides her time between New York and east Africa. Her fascination with the tenacity of the human spirit, deeply influences her approach to image making. While initially studying psychology in university, she realized her true concerns lay in celebrating the nuances of the human condition rather than in parsing them. Nicky ventured on to art school at Parson's School of Design eventually pursuing documentary work.

Woo's interests encompass explorative questions into the transmuted effects of trauma on marginalized groups; Specifically, in the context of those disenfranchised while hidden in plain sight of a dominant community, further fueled by her underlying concern into the nature of collective suffering and the myriad ways that its embers transmogrify groups. This desire to understand its various machinations as well as (in combination with) the observations of tenacity and versatility of human will are at the foundations of Nicky’s documentary work.

Recently she was the recipient of a 2018 Reuters Journalism grant for work on a project in Tanzania about the intersection of witchcraft and western medicine.

In Nicky Woo's time as an independent her clients have included CNN, Washington Post, Der Spiegel, BuzzFeed, Vogue Italia and Marie Claire magazine.



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